Maintenance Engineer


نوع التوظيف:

عمل مؤقت





رقم الوظيفة:


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التخصص/مجال الخبرة:

النفط/الغاز, الهندسة - النفط, الهندسة - ميكانيكية



الخبرة العملية:

10 سنوات



الوصف الوظيفي:

Provide maintenance support & strategy in performing maintenance activities of Rotating, Static, Electrical and Instrument. Also, developing maintenance assets registry and Bill of Materials.



متطلبات الوظيفة:



Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering



At least 10 years of experience in the maintenance of oil & gas


General Skills

1. Strong knowledge in the maintenance of mechanical equipment’s (Rotating and Static)
2. Knowledge in the maintenance of electrical & instrument equipment
3. Strong knowledge of SAP PM & MM models
4. Understanding of process (PI&Ds / PFDs) & engineering drawings and OEM manuals
5. Planning and organizing skills
6. Technical reporting skills
Develop strategies to maintain integrity of stored equipment and commissioned equipment waiting for start-up and rationalize operational.
• Identify asset list compare between SAP, Technical drawing, and field visit.
• Identify the GAP of asset list specially which is available in field but not available in drawing and SAP list
• Fill SAP template to register the asset list into SAP.
• Identify all data for each asset list as per the Asset Registry template and fill the Asset Registry template. Data may come from Manual, Internet based on serial number of the asset, or based on plate number in the field.
• Identify spare part list for each individual asset based on Manual or Internet data.
• Identify all spare part data information and fill the Company SAP BOM template.
• Establishes best maintenance practices & system to optimize resources and enhancing efficiency.
• Coordinate with region staff for developing asset registry and bill of materials (Preparation, Resourcing and Execution).
• Directs and supervision of activities assigned by SOMS  in all regions.
• Review, analysis data in the ComputerizedMaintenance Management System (CMMS) and participates in its development.
• Prepare and generate reports and feedback with regards to maintenance assigned activities.
• Review the major/critical spares required for the maintenance activities.
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